The Exposher Experience

Empowering girls to reach their fullest potenial!

Exposher Impact Story

We should conjour sisterhood wherever we can.
- Ava DuVernay

Before Exposher I did not want to go to college. Now I want to attend and get a college degree. Exposher has given me the gift of family, positive influences and support.

Shila, Exposher Girl

Exposher has taught me to look at life in a different way. I've learned not to be so negative and down all the time. It has helped me understand that my mistakes and the mistakes of others in my life should not change or dictate how I view my future. Because of Exposher I am more confident that I will still be successful.

Denyshia, Exposher Girl

Exposher has given me a new perspective on what my future will look like. I appreciate the support most importantly because I was told so many times that I was useless and dumb. This organization has helped me gain confidence and strength to move forward every day. I've learned how to apply for a job and how to dress and that is not something school teaches us. Because of this program my life is more happy and meaningful.

Crystal, Exposher Girl




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